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Case Study

Purchasing performance

Purchasing performance & organisational improvement plan for a large retailer

Context & Objectives

Our client is a major retailer

As part of the transformation of its non-food purchasing system, our client asked us for three objectives:

  • Support it in the overhaul of its system, working methods and procedures relating to the Miscellaneous and Electronics sections in 2 countries
  • Identify and study the opportunity to develop partnerships with external actors
  • Massify the group’s references and suppliers

Procedural approach

  • Mapping of existing processes and formalisation of target processes, including retroplannings, standard agendas and new templates to be used
  • Definition of monitoring KPIs and target governance
  • Establishment of working groups on the challenge of reference massification
  • Support of Global Sourcing teams in defining and implementing their transformation plan


  • Purchasing performance: savings greater than 10%
  • Massification plan in 10 countries (50% reduction in references)



Duration of the mission

2 months

Type of project

Purchasing performance