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Digital and Data

Your digital & data transformation, from strategy to the delivery of turnkey projects

Our Digital & Data offer

Through our community and our partners, we have the necessary skills to serve your digital transformation & data needs from A to Z, from defining your strategies and digital & data roadmaps, their translation into new business models, products and services, the implementation of technological and human prerequisites, right up to their development

Digital Strategy Consultants

The Digital Strategy Consultants define with you, according to your priority business objectives, your digital roadmap at all levels of your organisation. They may be required to support you at different stages of your thought process

  • Digital maturity audit of your organisation
  • Definition of your digital transformation plan on different dimensions: business model, customer relationship, operations, organisation, IT & Technology, etc.
  • Managing the implementation of your digital transformation plan: prioritising and promoting the various digital initiatives, establishing a PMO, monitoring the implementation and change management plan

Data strategy consultant

Data Strategy Consultants support you in defining data-driven strategies, both at the level of your client relationship (customisation of products and services, client experience, pricing and data-driven promotion, etc.) but also at the level of improving your operational performance. To do this, they work on several types of projects

  • Data maturity audit
  • Redesign of your data architecture
  • Definition of data-driven strategies at the different stages of your value chain

Product Owner

Product Owners are project managers who are experts in agile project management, who support you in managing your development projects for digital and data solutions, acting as a link between your business teams and the development teams. They play the role of digital/data product manager within organisations, from requirements specification to product launch.

Consulting Data Scientists

Consulting Data Scientists are specialists in data science who support you in your data projects that require the exploitation of complex databases and the implementation of sophisticated models, making it possible to translate use cases into data products. In this context, they are required to use their expertise in particular to:

  • Develop statistical models & machine learning decision support
  • Design and implement optimisation solutions and constrained simulation models, using operational research skills
  • Build algorithmic models to process large volumes of unstructured data

Consulting Data Engineers

Consulting Data Engineers define, develop, set up, and maintain the environments, tools and infrastructures necessary for data analysis by Data Scientists. As such, they have three essential missions

  • Implement the appropriate infrastructure
  • Guarantee the security and stability of the data processed
  • Develop & implement data analysis tools

Digital Marketing Consultants

Digital Marketing Consultants support your marketing teams in developing and implementing their digital marketing plan. Depending on their experience and level of expertise, they may be required to support you on various issues

  • Defining/Redesigning your digital marketing plan, in line with your business objectives
  • Setting up the environments and tools necessary to monitor your digital marketing campaigns
  • Managing and operating your digital marketing campaigns, in particular with the objective of increasing your internal team’s skills

Interim Chief Digital Officers

The position of Chief Digital Officer is now essential in large and mid-sized companies. The position differs depending on the companies, particularly with regard to the IT organisations that are already in place.
Our clients call on Interim Chief Digital Officers from our community to support them in setting up or accelerating their digital transformation to meet several objectives

  • Creating the digital department
  • Prioritisation and decision support for the various digital initiatives underway
  • Management of digital transformation plans
  • Change management to ensure the acculturation and support of employees working on digital transformation projects

Interim Chief Data Officers

The professionalisation of the company’s Data functions has been a critical issue in recent years, notably with the advent of the ‘Chief Digital Officer’ position. The interim Chief Digital Officers from our community support companies in their Data-driven transformation on various aspects

  • The definition of the data governance strategy and policy
  • The overhaul of data storage infrastructures
  • The establishment of a data culture within teams
  • The automation of certain processes

Digital & Data

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Interim Chief Data Officers

Turnkey Digital and Data Solutions

To support you up to the implementation of your digital & data products and solutions; we have set up partnerships with development agencies for digital and data solutions, to support you from the qualification of your digital and data use cases to the delivery of turnkey solutions