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Whether you need one or more consultants or managers, BlueBirds offers you a bespoke solution.


Freelancing On-Demand
Full- or Part-Time

BlueBirds supports you as a priority by offering the services of a single freelancer. We offer services from two main types of community members:

  1. Members from consulting firms work with you when the involvement of a single person is necessary and sufficient
  2. Interim managers bring their managerial experience in addition to their expertise

The Partners support you in the follow-up or the delivery of the mission.
With Freelancing On Demand, you combine the choice of the best skill for your project and a budget adjusted to be as fair as possible.


On-Demand Team

BlueBirds has developed customised team management expertise, with teams made to measure for your needs.
The Partners support you from the start of the process, from qualifying your needs up to the project’s end.
With Team On Demand, you combine the choice of the best skills on the market, the supportive strength of a team and the direct management of a Partner dedicated to you.



Understanding your challenges

Our team attaches particular importance to evaluating your needs. Your issues require a detailed understanding of your objectives and the intervention context. We work with you to define the profile(s) likely to best support you.


Choose the freelance or the team that will accompany you

We submit several applications for the same position to you and give you the opportunity to choose. Where team support is needed, a Partner works on the assembly and selection process with you.


Complete the project

Each project is different; each client has their own corporate culture:

  • Some projects require a finely-defined approach or, on the contrary, an adaptation in real-time to the changing context.
  • Depending on your preferences, a Partner may be involved in the delivery or only provide follow-up at regular intervals.

Close the project

A project’s completion is linked to several best practices that have become rules at BlueBirds. We ensure the proper internal transmission of the file and the tasks in progress, and we carry out a 360-degree evaluation. Because a project bears fruit months after our intervention and because a professional relationship is for life, we ensure your satisfaction for months after the end of the project.

Client Partners

The BlueBirds community is made up of Client Partners who are themselves independent. Client Partners build and strengthen our relationships with you and support you during projects.
They lead the community’s competency circles.