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Interim Management

Interim managers from the Bluebirds community can support you in your operational and managerial challenges or work with advisory teams

The BlueBirds community members support Executive Management Committees and their teams on assignments lasting a few months while building a lasting professional relationship.

Martin Videlaine
Managing Director

In an increasingly complex world that is changing at an ever-increasing speed, some values count more than anything: simplicity and being able to distinguish what is essential from what is not as well as loyalty. This is how we approach relationships with our clients and the community. This is how we approach our joint projects.

A word from Martin Videlaine,
Managing Director

Areas of intervention

Interim managers from the BlueBirds community can intervene in the areas of growth, digitisation, performance or restructuring, always with our partners' support and follow-up

Organic external growth-based development

The freelancers in the community support our clients daily on their growth issues: market share, volume, price, product and service mix and new launches.

Digital transformation

Interim projects are now digital. Our community has handpicked CTOs, CDOs, POs and Data experts.

BlueBirds has partnered with Devcorp to support you right through to the implementation of your platform.

Improving performance

After 12 years of uninterrupted growth, 2020 marked a shift towards a re-focusing on cash, equity and P&L. The BlueBirds community will support you in improving your commercial, economic and financial performance.


In times of crisis, you are sometimes called upon to launch rapid, strong and particularly emotional restructuring actions. Our experts are here to help you.

Our value proposition

The community of BlueBirds interim managers is growing and relies on manager profiles with strong functional or sectoral expertise

Interim managers by position type

The interim managers in our community are business leaders or Senior managers; all the key positions in the company are represented, and we have had the opportunity to support our clients in the majority of these positions

Interim managers by industry

For a company’s operational function (e.g. Purchasing, Operations, Sales, Supply chain, etc.), industry expertise is key to the missions’ success. Our community of interim managers covers most sectors of the economy.

The community's talents

Carefully selected according to their expertise and soft skills

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