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Community is in our DNA. We are committed to creating strong and lasting links with the consultants and interim managers in our community.

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Are you an independent consultant or a high-level interim manager?

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  • You have at least two years of experience in a strategy or management consulting firm
  • You have led an operational team as CEO, CFO, HR Director, CMO, CDO, CIO or Director of Operations, and you have forged functional or sectoral expertise

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Getting in contact

Our team will contact you to collect your information (CV, description of your profile and projects).


Access to the platform

Upon receipt of your information:
• You may access our platform where we publish the majority of our projects,
• You may contact a team member in order to communicate and to allow you to better identify your expertise and desires.

Grow together

BlueBirds deploys a vision in which freelancers are an integral part of the business project.

We are convinced that entities will grow in harmony with freelancers thanks to our positioning as we work on a joint project.

We know that your first concern is to support a client in what will be your next project. We also know that you are looking for a bond that unites us all.

Joining BlueBirds is not just about adding your CV to a database; it is about joining one or more communities to grow together.

Build shared customer relationships

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Join a BlueBirds Academy

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Increase your visibility

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Become a Client Partner

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Build shared customer relationships

We are developing new customer relationships together by focusing on the values of transparency, fairness and loyalty. We speak to the same decision-makers and you master the skills on your areas of intervention. Depending on your role in developing new relationships or project opportunities (identifying new needs, formalising business proposals, etc.), we share the efforts and associated benefits.

Join a BlueBirds Academy

BlueBirds runs a growing number of circles of expertise, the ‘BlueBirds Academies’. Customers and freelancers share knowledge, know-how, networks and social links.

Created concomitantly with the BlueBirds brand, the BlueBirds Academies pursue several objectives:

  • Sharing knowledge and know-how between members
  • Create social links
  • Encourage meetings with customers and prospects in search of expertise

Join one of them or create one!

Increase your visibility

Your visibility on the market is ours, and vice versa

BlueBirds offers you different content and media to maximise your visibility on our various channels (Newsletters, LinkedIn, BlueBirds Platform, others)

  • Industry articles
  • Portraits
  • Podcasts

Become a Client Partner

BlueBirds clients also trust us because we know how to support them during projects. This is one of the missions of the Client Partner.

  • If you want to become an entrepreneur while being independent,
  • If you want to build a revenue model based on the delivery and sale of high added value services
  • If you want to rely on a brand, a team and methods
  • If we share common work values, trust, excellence, authenticity and loyalty

Contact us and let’s chat!


BlueBirds builds an adapted range of freelance services for you

Getting started as an independent consultant or interim manager is an entrepreneurial project in itself. You must:

  • make the right choices from the start (e.g.: legal status, salary transfer, social protection & assets),
  • have the right working tools (CRM, graphics, etc.),
  • and know how to surround yourself with the right people.

To help its community’s freelancers to make the right decisions by focusing as much as possible on time spent working, Bluebirds has set up several partnerships, in complete independence, with various players in the market. These partnerships allow freelance members of the Bluebirds community to access quality, reliable services at preferential conditions.

Chartered Accountant

Accountancy solutions adapted to freelancers.

Umbrella company

Our privileged partner for freelancers who wish to keep the advantages of salaried employment.

Insurance, Contingency & Wealth Management

Several partnerships for all freelance insurance issues:
civil liability insurance, health insurance, contingency and wealth management solutions.

Work tools

Several existing and developing partnerships:
CRM, freelancer tools aggregator, etc.