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About us

A community of independent talents
with high added value

Our mission

BlueBirds' purpose is to support companies and human organisations in their key decisions and the execution of their high-stakes projects

Our identity resides in the international community of independent talents with high added value that we develop and lead


BlueBirds supports the ongoing global work revolution. This revolution is based, in our opinion, on three pillars: purpose, autonomy and expertise

Finding meaning at work – purpose

The focus on meaning at work will be, in our opinion, the major non-technological transformation of companies this century. BlueBirds aims to contribute to the Future of Work.


Autonomy is personified at BlueBirds by the central place given to freelancers. At Bluebirds, we believe in a new balance being constructed between employees, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Employees in successful companies will become more and more autonomous while the role of freelancers will grow. Mixed teams of employees and freelancers will become the norm on many projects.


Human organisations will increasingly seek specialists whose field of expertise will be both deep and focused. This is the very purpose of the community whose services we offer.

Our story

Created in 2016 and formerly a sister company of NC Partners Executive Search, BlueBirds was born from our awareness of the work revolution in English-speaking countries and Germany.

BlueBirds has continued to grow profitably since day one and now has more than 2,000 high value-added freelancers whose drive is also increasing every day. Our clients are mainly multinationals, funds, mid-sized companies and consulting firms.

BlueBirds created its first overseas office in Casablanca in 2020 and is now co-managed by Martin Videlaine and Ghita Lahlou. Today we operate in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Creation of
NC Partners On Demand
(former name of BlueBirds)
Development of an
Interim Management
offer along with
the consulting
Over 1000
independent members
with high added value
The 2000-member bar
for independent members
has been surpassed
Opening of
the Casablanca
NC Partners
On Demand
becomes Bluebirds

Our identity

Why trust BlueBirds?
Trust, excellence and independence are our core values.

We believe that a professional relationship is for life and we cherish the authenticity of human relationships.

We are entrepreneurs, and we help entrepreneurs – freelancers to find work. For us, being an entrepreneur means wanting to build a new world while being anchored in reality.

Double positioning

Our dual positioning in consulting and interim management in Europe and Africa makes BlueBirds a unique player

Community project

Our business plan is resolutely community-based. We operate transparently with and for freelancers. All members of the community can get involved as much as they want in our common development.

Senior support

Our high-added-value positioning goes hand in hand with our customers’ support in a way that fully digital platforms do not offer.


Client Partners

The BlueBirds community is made up of Client Partners who are themselves independent. Client Partners build and consolidate our relationships with our clients and support them during projects. They also lead circles of independent consultants and interim managers with common skills.



The Bluebirds community, born in France, is today located mainly in France, across Europe and North Africa, and expands further every day in these geographies.
We have offices in Paris and Casablanca, from which we serve our clients in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

In geographies where we do not have an active community, we strengthen our community, according to the needs of our customers, through our partners

Our clients