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Case Study

Automotive Industry

Management of a Client Satisfaction Efficiency strategy for a car manufacturer

Context & Objectives

Our client is a leading car manufacturer that has launched a strategy to improve customer satisfaction based on data at all levels of its value chain: vehicle design, sales/after-sales through dealer networks, and the series of vehicles’ lives.

The consultant’s objective was to support our client in
Building a global tool for managing customer satisfaction and deploying the strategy in all of the company’s key departments.

Procedural approach

  • Development of a data-based customer satisfaction strategy (design thinking, customer journey, the moment of truth, measurement points, etc.)
  • Implementation of a Big Data platform, specialised in customer satisfaction and based on Data Mesh concepts
  • Implementation of Data science models (Shapley, Kano, NLP, ML) and the Agile method for the development of visualisation tools
  • Global deployment and change management


  • Optimisation and better allocation of guarantee budgets on high impact CSAT subjects
  • Reduction of the production cycle of a new vehicle due to easier access to customer returns
  • Gains in engineering productivity thanks to the use of collected data
  • Implementation of quality War Rooms to process customer feedback following the launch of a new model
  • Deployment of a CSAT management system in the network


Automotive Industry

Duration of the mission

18 months

Type of project