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Case Study

Strategic due diligence
Petroleum Services

Strategic due diligence in the petroleum services sector

Context & Objectives

Our client is a consulting firm mandated to conduct Strategic Due Diligence for an offshore maritime service provider for the oil industry.

The study’s objective was to investigate the possibility of a financial firm acquiring the company in an industrial setting to perpetuate the existing activity, allowing it to be viable independent of the market oil price evolution.

Procedural approach

  • Analysis of the evolution of the markets in which the company is positioned
  • Analysis of the company’s positioning and the robustness of its Business Plans
  • Analysis of growth opportunities
  • Analysis of synergies with the potential buyer


  • Finalised due diligence and precise recommendation for the potential buyer
  • Definition of the prerequisites for the operation’s success (e.g. financial, organisational, capabilities, etc.)


Petroleum Services

Duration of the mission

< 1 month

Type of project

Strategic due diligence