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Case Study

Supply chain
Large Retailers

Overhaul of the flow infrastructure of a large retail chain

Context & Objectives

Our client is a large retail group active especially in Belgium and Luxembourg

In a context where retail food is experiencing growth in the convenience and e-commerce market shares, some of our client’s brands are in a situation of reversal after several loss-making years.

In this context, the interim supply chain manager was tasked with redefining the Flow infrastructures to benefit Commerce (Supply-Chain and IS)

Procedural approach

  • Understand the brands’ goals and identify gaps between ambitions and day-to-day execution.
  • Supply chain audit (flows, data, merchandise)
  • Proposed short-term corrective action plan
  • Proposal for a strategic overhaul plan


  • Separation of the Belgian and Luxembourg supply chain and overhaul of the Belgian supply chain
  • Proposal of a collaboration strategy with the supply chain of another Retail subsidiary of the same group. This strategy, rejected at first, was finally implemented on a larger scale


Large Retailers

Duration of the mission

6 weeks

Type of project

Supply chain