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Case Study

Mass Consumption

Supporting the organisational overhaul of the ‘Consumer Insight’ function for a global player in wines and spirits

Context & Objectives

Our client is a major player in wines and spirits.
The ‘Consumer Insights’ function has been overhauled at the global level to integrate cutting-edge technologies and implement synergies at the group level.
To do this, the Headquarters, Brands and Markets workforce was reorganised, and centres of excellence were created.
The client asked for a consultant to support them in detailing this new organisational operation and ensuring stakeholder support.

Procedural approach

  • Detailed organisational design: links between business priorities and the organisation; deliverables from each centre of excellence, process and RACI.
  • Support in constructing new management teams by applying team coaching methods
  • Design and facilitation of launch seminars.


‘Today the new organisation is up and running. Everyone is engaged and pushing ahead. Without Eléonor we would not be where we are today.’


Mass Consumption

Duration of the mission

2 months

Type of project